Английский домашнее чтение 2 часть. Билеты

Билет № 1
Theme 35. The Dead» — J. Joyce
1) In «The Dead» all the themes of the «Dubliners» are mentioned. Name them.
2) How did Dublin’s portrait in «The Dead» differ from the description of the city in the other stories?
3) Give the characteristics of the main heroes of the story and describe their relationship.

Билет № 2
THEME 2. «Dick Whittington’s Cat»
1) Was Dick Whittington a real person?
2) Is the story of Dick’s cat a fact or a legend?
3) How did Dick become the Mayor of London?
Билет № 3
Theme 8. «The Erymanthian Boar» — A. Christie
1) How did Poirot come to know that Marrascaud was hiding in Switzerland?
2) How can one tell the difference between a detective and a murderer, in Poirot’s opinion?
3) Why did Schwartz tell Poirot that the laugh was with him?

Билет № 4
Theme 4. «Robin Hood Meets Little John»
1) Where and how did Robin Hood meet Little John?
2) Give a detailed description of Little John.
3) Why did Robin Hood decide to change the name of the stranger?
Билет № 5
Theme 31. The Catcher in the Rye» — J. D. Salinger
1) How did Holden and Jane Gallagher meet?
2) ho did Holden meet in Ernie’s? Why does this person know Holden?
3) What religion did Holden belong to? What did he think about the Bible, Christ, his Disciples?
Билет № 6
Theme 32. «Eveline» — J. Joyce
1) By what means did Joyce make the psychological portrait of Eveline?
2) What were Eveline’s intentions regarding her future?
3) Why did Eveline have no force to leave Dublin?
Билет № 7
Theme 18. «Macbeth» — W. Shakespeare
1) Why does Macbeth seek another meeting with the witches?
2) What is the prophecy of the third apparition?
3) What does Macbeth insist on learning after he has seen the three apparitions? Why?

Билет № 8
Theme 13. «The Pendulum» — O. Henry
1) What do you know about the inhabitants of the Frogmore Flats?
2) Can you describe John’s and Katy’s way of life?
3) What happened when Katy returned home? Did John love his wife at all?
Билет № 9
Theme 30. «The Catcher in the Rye» — J. D. Salinger
1) What is your impression of Holden?
2) Why do you think Holden continuously repeats several phrases all the time?
3) Describe Phoebe’s and Holden’s relations.
Билет № 10
Theme 9. «The Cretan Bull» — A. Christie
1) Did Admiral Chandler approve of his son’s engagement?
2) How can you characterise Diana’s behaviour?
3) What do you think happened to the heroes of the story after the truth had been found out?
Билет № 11
Theme 16. «Macbeth» — W. Shakespeare
1) Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth kill sleeping Duncan?
2) Was the murder of Duncan discovered that very morning?
3) Were some of the characters suspicious of Macbeth and his wife?
Билет № 12
Theme 28. «As You Like It» – W. Shakespeare
1) Who ordered Rosalind to leave the Court?
2) Did Celia try to defend her cousin against her father?
3) What did Celia propose to do to make them unattractive while travelling?
Билет № 13
Theme 22. «Gulliver’s Travels» — J. Swift
1) What were the special features of Yahoos in Houyhnhnmland?
2) What were the great virtues of houyhnhnms?
3) Why was Gulliver pressed to leave Houyhnhnmland?
Билет № 14
Theme 5. «Sir Theodore and the Dragon»
1) What did the Grand Master tell Theodore when he first decided to fight the dragon?
2) Why did Theodore decide that he would be able to kill the dragon?
3) Why was the Grand Master going to send Theodore to the dungeons?
Билет № 15
Theme 21. «Gulliver’s Travels» — J. Swift
1) What reception did Gulliver meet in the country of Brobdingnag?
2) Who was Gulliver’s bitter enemy and why?
3) How did Gulliver manage to leave the country of Brobdingnag?
Билет № 16
Theme 15. «Macbeth» — W. Shakespeare
1) What are the witches’ prophecies for Macbeth?
2) How does it happen that the first of the witches’ prophecies is immediately fulfilled?
3) Why does Macbeth decide in favour of the assassination ?
Билет № 17
Theme 14. «A Service of Love» — O. Henry
1) What was John Larrabee and where was he from?
2) What sort of life did John and Delia lead after they got married?
3) How can you explain the title(name) of the story?
Билет № 18
Theme 20. «Gulliver’s Travels» — J. Swift
1) How did it happen that Gulliver found himself on the island of Lilliput?
2) Did lilliputs give him a hearty welcome upon his arrival?
3) What were the conditions upon which Gulliver was set free?
Билет № 19
Theme 19. «Pygmalion» — B. Shaw
1) Describe the first meeting of the main characters.
2) Why did Professor Higgins decide to take Liza on as a pupil?
3) How does the whole story end?
Билет № 20
Theme 29. «The Catcher in the Rye» — J. D. Salinger
1) Why do you think Stradlater was so repulsive?
2) Describe Jane’s looks and her ways.
3) Why did Holden want to call Phoebe, but in the end decided not to do it?
Билет № 21
Theme 33. «After the Race» — J. Joyce
1) How did Joyce show permanent anxiety of Doyles about the problem of money?
2) By what means did Joyce sharpen the contrast between Ireland and Europe?
3) Give the description of the «fourth member of the party»?
Билет № 22
Theme 17. «Macbeth» — W. Shakespeare
1) Which of the witches’ prophesies worries Macbeth at the beginning of the III Act?
2) Why is it essential, by the logic of the plot, that Fleance should escape?
3) Compare Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s characters.
Билет № 23
THEME 1. «King Midas»
1) Describe the circumstances under which King Midas befriended an old man named Silenus.
2) Why did Bacchus decide to reward King Midas?
3) Why didn’t Midas jump for joy after he had received the golden touch?
Билет № 24
Theme 3. «David and Goliath»
1) What was David’s occupation?
2) What was the reaction of King Saul’s soldiers when David told them that he would accept Goliath’s challenge?
3) What happened to the army of the Philistines?
Билет № 25
Theme 6. «A Man of Habit» — Jerome K. Jerome
1) Why did the hero of the story decide to leave the town of Jefferson?
2) Why did his days seem to have neither beginning nor end?
3) In what way did his daughter help her father to understand everything?
Билет № 26
Theme 34.»A Painful Case» — J. Joyce
1) Explain the meaning of the story’s title.
2) Describe Mr. Duffy’s appearance and his way of life.
3) What was Mr. Duffy’s reaction when he came to know about Mary’s death?
Билет № 27
Theme 24. «Kaijek the Songman» — X. Herbert
1) What was Kaijek famous for among black people?
2) Why did Kaijek the Songman decide to approach the white man?
3) Why didn’t Kaijek the Songman remain with Andy Grant?
Билет № 28
Theme 11. «The Capture of Cerberus»- A. Christie
1) Why did Hercule Poirot decide that there were too many people in the world?
2) Do you agree with the Countess that the rich have a priority in Hell?
3) What evidence did Hercule Poirot have against Alice?
Билет № 29
Theme 12. «The Ant and the Grasshopper» — W. S. Maugham
1) Describe Tom Ramsay’s way of life.
2) What can you say about George Ramsay and his goals in life?
3) Do you think that the moral of Maugham’s story coincides with or contradicts the famous fable by La Fontaine?
Билет № 30
Theme 26. «As You Like It» — W/ Shakespeare
1) How did Oliver treat his younger brother?
2) Who and why begins fighting in Orlando’s orchard?
3) Who followed the old Duke into his exile?
Билет № 31
Theme 25. «Respectability» — Sh. Anderson
1) Why does the author compare Wash Williams and a huge grotesque kind of monkey?
2) What were Wash’s feelings towards women and men?
3) Why did Wash’s mother-in-law fail to settle the matter?

Билет № 32
Theme 7. «The Nemean Lion» — A. Christie
1) What did Dr. Burton mean when he told Hercule Poirot «Yours are not the Labours of Hercules. Yours are the labours of love»?
2) When and how did Poirot begin to suspect the truth?
3) Who helped Poirot to find the criminal?
Билет № 33
Theme 23. «The Singing of the Sun» — A. Marshall
1) What do you think made the man recall an episode of war?
2) Do you think Jim was a real friend of the man in question when they were at the front?
3) Why did the man prefer frightening the duck off instead of telling the boy not to kill it?
Билет № 34
Theme 27. «As You Like It» — W/ Shakespeare
1) Who is Duke’s heir and why?
2) How can one guess that Rosalind has fallen in love with Orlando?
3) How does Orlando see the situation he is in?
Билет № 35
Theme 10. «The Flock of Gerion»- A. Christie
1) Why did Amy Carnaby become anxious about her friend Emmeline?
2) What was the secret of Dr. Andersen’s popularity?
3) Why did Poirot shake Miss Carnaby by the hand and introduce her to Japp?